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do you have old debt you can't afford to pay? WE CAN HELP.

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  I have debt I cannot afford to pay.
  I am being harassed by creditors.
  I am a senior citizen or disabled person.

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Your Retirement Income is Protected.

Federal Law Prevents Debt Collectors From Garnishing Social Security.

  • Federal law protects social security, pensions, VA benefits, disability income and even around $220 in net wages from a little job.
  • This money cannot be garnished or taken by creditors.
  • Seniors and disabled persons do not need to pay old debt they cannot afford to pay.
  • Because their income is safe and protected most seniors and disabled persons don’t need to file bankruptcy.
  • However if they don’t pay their old debts collectors can call and send demand letters.
  • read: A federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits a debt collector from communicating with a person when an attorney is authorized to receive debt collector communication
  • HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm protects seniors from harassment by collectors
  • Call 855-435-7787 for immediate help.

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Peace of Mind
These HELPS clients were dealing with harassing debt collectors and anxiety over old Debt. HELPS provided a solution to their financial worries.