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Do you have debt you can't afford to pay?

Are You Receiving Social Security, Pension or Disability Income?


HELPS is a nonprofit law firm and 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We serve senior citizens and disabled persons struggling with debt.

Call HELPS now to learn how your retirement income is protected by law and how we can help.

Thank you for your information.

Need immediate help? Call 855-435-7787 to speak to a HELPS representative.

How To Enroll In HELPS

HELPS Enrolls Clients Over The Phone. Enrollment Typically Takes No More Than Ten Minutes.

  • There is never any pressure to enroll. We will provide you with information and assistance. Some persons call several times with questions. HELPS is not for everyone. We want you to be comfortable with your decision.
  • There are no forms to fill out. Simply call us at 855-435-7787. We ask you basic questions like your name, address and contact information along with the approximate amount of debt you owe. We will also ask if you are buying a home.
  • No money is necessary to enroll. HELPS payments begin in 30-60 days.
  • You will be immediately sent an email confirming you are a member of our HELPS with our phone number to give collectors that may be calling you.
  • You provide us with the names and addresses of the collectors you no longer want to telephone you or send you bills.
  • Within 24 hours HELPS sends them a letter advising them we represent you in order to receive further communication.
  • We will send you a letter through the US mail confirming you are a member of HELPS, a copy of our latest newsletter and some flyers to share with others.
  • Within 2-4 weeks harassing phone calls and letters stop.
  • Learn More about the services HELPS provides to its clients

Learn More about Issues Facing Senior Citizens and the Services HELPS provides.

Peace of Mind
These HELPS clients were dealing with harassing debt collectors and anxiety over old Debt. HELPS provided a solution to their financial worries.