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Pensions, Social Security and other forms of retirement income are protected by federal laws.

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HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm becomes your attorney for purpose or receiving communications from collectors. Calls and letters stop. They must communicate with us. Watch our client testimonials about how HELPS has brought peace back into their lives.

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HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm is an option for seniors and disabled persons who do not need to file bankruptcy or spend their limited income on attorney fees. Because we are a nonprofit, we do not ever refuse an eligible senior or disabled person representation for inability to pay. We were created specifically to protect seniors and disabled persons from abusive and impoverishing debt collection. It is our continued mission to do the same.

Our Representation Includes:

  • Sending letters of representation to every debt collector and creditor.
  • Sending cease and desist notices to debt collectors
  • Communicating with our clients to detect any violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
  • Utilizing state and federal laws to ensure our clients keep their protected incomes.
  • Communicating with bulk debt collectors.
  • Defending our clients from harassment and abusive collectors
  • affording our clients relief from debt without the expense and hurdles of bankruptcy
HELPS is a Nonprofit Law Firm and never turns down an eligible senior or disabled person for inability to pay. Please call our office at 1-855-435-7787 if you have any questions about the cost of HELPS.

Household Income Under $750 a month

  • suggested $5-$10 a month maintenance fee thereafter.

Household Income $750-1250 a month

  • $30 per month maintenance fee for 12 months.
  • $10 per month thereafter.
  • Full refund if not satisfied after four months.

Household Income in excess of $1250

  • $40 a month maintenance fee for 12 months.
  • $10 a month thereafter.
  • Full Refund if Not Satisfied After Four Months

To The Families of Seniors

We understand it is hard to watch the parent or family member you love face hard times. Sometimes these issues seem to arrive without any previous warning and other times it is just too much to face painful signs of a senior's decline. Nobody likes to see someone they love suffer, especially a dear family member. Many times seniors try to hide their suffering from loved ones, trying to protect them from the realities of their financial situation.

Don't Delay Getting Help

One of the biggest mistakes a family can make is choosing to deny a financial crisis. Things put off for too long typically tumble down when there is an unplanned medical event and all of the frustrating problems become much tougher to solve. Unpleasant discussions about insurance policies or credit card bills are made much worse when done under the pressure of ill health or decline.

We Are Here To Help

The attorneys of HELPS are here to answer any and as many questions as needed about our program. If you are concerned about the financial situation of a senior in your family or a disabled person you love, don't hesitate to contact us at 855-435-7787. We will carefully explain how HELPS could benefit your loved one.

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Our attorneys and staff are here to help. Call 855-GET-HELPS/(877)435-7787 with any questions or concerns. We can help you enroll over the phone or provide any additional assistance you require.