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Welcome to the HELPS website. HELPS is a nonprofit law firm that protects Seniors and disabled persons from creditor harassment for debts they cannot pay.

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Senior? Harrassed by Creditors?

  1. Do you live in fear of the next phone call ?  Did you know that under federal law your social security is protected from collection? In almost all instances your pension is also protected.
  2. Did you know that under federal law creditors can no longer communicate with you by phone or mail when you are represented by an attorney?
  3. When you enroll with HELPS, a nonprofit law firm - we write letters to the credtors you want to stop contacting you. Under federal law this contact must stop. You can refer your collectors to HELPS. You no longer need to talk with them. The harassment ends and peace returns to your life.
  4. The sliding scale enrollment fee for HELPS is based on your income. No eligible senior is ever turned away. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can be free from harassing calls and letters. If you are not fully satisfied within four months HELPS will give you a full refund, no questions asked!
  5. Because we are a charity the enrollment fee can be waived, reduced or adjusted in case of hardship and need. HELPS never turns down a senior or disabled person that qualifies for its services.
  6. Please examine our website and then call us toll free at 1 855 HELPS US (1 -855- 435-7787) for answers to your questions, to see if you qualify and/or to enroll with HELPS and get protection now.



    Helps nonprofit law firm does not represent any of its clients in court. We are only legal representation retained specifically to stop creditors from harassing our clients by phone or mail. HELPS does not give legal advice pertaining to the state where you live. If any of our clients need a local attorney where they live we will assist the client in obtaining an attorney willing to help them on a pro bono basis. HELPS nonprofit law firm never turns down a qualified seniors in need.

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Are you a Senior on social security, pension and perhaps a small wage that owes debts you cannot afford to pay?


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A Non-Profit Law Firm
For Seniors and Disabled

Toll Free: 1-855-HELPS-US (1-855- 435-7787)

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HELPS is for the protection of Seniors, Disabled Persons and other judgment proof individuals

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